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8 Apr 2019

10 Ways to keep your kids entertained over the Easter Holidays


Thinking of fun Easter activities for kids can be tricky, especially if you’re on a budget or you’re bored of using tried-and-tested methods. But never fear – we’ve put together a list of our ten favorite Easter activities for kids, perfect for all ages and interests.

Ready? Banish Easter holiday boredom with our ten Easter activities for children.

Bake some goodies

Get baking for some egg-cellent fun this Easter! As well as learning new cooking skills, kids will have a whale of a time trying out their treats. To make things more exciting, why not hold a mini bake-off with friends? The kids can swap and try each other’s cakes, or even vote for the best cake.

If you find yourself baking more than you can eat, hold a fun bake sale to raise money for a local charity.

Get sporty

Some of the best Easter activities for children involve sports, games and other outdoor activities. With all those Easter treats around, the holidays are a great time to work off some extra energy. Playing sports doesn’t have to mean joining a club or buying equipment – there’s plenty you can do that’s fun, active, and totally free!

Create an obstacle course in the garden and hold races with prizes for the winner, or invent a ball game that involves the whole family. Favourites like football and tennis are also great if you have the space and the equipment. Play a few games over the holiday and keep score, and congratulate the winner at the end!

Be crafty

Still not sure what to do in the Easter holidays? Let your kids’ creativity shine with some easy-peasy, cheap and fun Easter crafts. From painting boiled eggs to making masks, your imagination is the limit when it comes to making Easter-themed goodies. You don’t have to stick to a theme – take things further by making robots or castles out of cardboard boxes and egg cartons, there are plenty of ways to turn everyday rubbish into crafty creations.

Spring clean – then have a sale!

Encourage the kids to clear out their bedrooms and help with shared family spaces by holding a sale at the end of the holiday. Take your unwanted items to a car boot sale, or hold a sale with friends, and reap the benefits of a cleaner house as well as some extra pocket money. Make spring cleaning more fun with music, speed competitions, or a reward at the end, like a fun Easter treat.

Volunteer to help out

If you’re still stuck for ideas, chose Easter activities for kids that will also make a difference to the community. Check out local noticeboards or scour the web to find opportunities to volunteer locally. Need inspiration? Spring is a great time to help clear woodland spaces, and at the same time you’ll learn all about wildlife and your local area. Volunteering is a great way to spend time as a family, whether you’re trimming back trees or litter picking in your local area. Find a volunteer organisation near you and start doing something new today.

Go for a day out

The Easter holidays are a great time to do something new, or something you might not have time for when school’s on. Whether it means taking a day trip to a nearby city, visiting a museum, or going for a day out at your nearest theme park, why not treat yourself and your family to something special?

Drayton Manor has something for everyone, from thrill rides for adrenalin junkies to Thomas Land for younger theme park fans. If you book in advance, you can even take advantage of our 4 for £80 offer, and enjoy a great day out at a bargain price.

Create an Easter egg hunt

This classic Easter activity for children is still one of the most fun things you can do. Hide a number of eggs around the house or garden and challenge the kids to find them. Alternatively, leave a number of clues that point to an Easter egg at the end. It’s simple, but it can add up to hours of fun!

Explore the great outdoors

The Easter holidays don’t guarantee great weather, but if you find yourself with a nice day or two, take full advantage of the sun and explore the great outdoors. Few things are cheaper or more fun that going on a long walk, whether you’re lucky enough to live by the countryside, near a park, next to local woodland, or in town. Explore the area, take a picnic, and play some great games like ‘I spy’ on the way.

Try a new hobby or learn a skill

With all that time to spare, the Easter holidays are a perfect time to learn a new hobby! If you don’t have the time or resource to pick up an instrument or something similar, try learning an unusual new skill instead. You could challenge your kids to learn how to do a handstand, get them cooking (with adult supervision!) or, if anyone has the know-how, get them to learn a traditional skill like knitting.

Put on a show

Why not challenge the kids to write and perform their very own play? It’s a great way to keep them occupied while you enjoy some time to yourself, and they’ll love performing for you at the end of the day. Find a space where they can create their very own ‘stage’, and encourage them to create props from things like cardboard boxes. Combine this Easter activity with a fun prop-making craft session so they can make the most of their creations

Article by : Ellie

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