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Courses & Programs That Expand Your Horizons

The New Guyana School has inspired people to discover and achieve through lifelong learning since 1994.

Students value our quality instructors with real-world experience and the flexibility and convenience of courses offered at night, on weekends, and, soon, online. As one of Guyana’s largest and leading providers of academic certificate and diploma programs, professional development education, and corporate training, NGS Inc’s purpose is to develop and realize the potential of both individuals and society by providing the education to thrive in a dynamic world. 

Our team is approachable, professional, and passionate. In partnership with PMI and the University of Trinidad and Tobago, we offer more than 200 courses and workshops that blend both theoretical knowledge and practical application to help you build your skills and expand your career. 
Whether you want to upgrade your current skills, earn a professional designation or make a career change, NGS Inc’s programs will open the doors to learning and accomplishment.