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Our History

Founded around the dining room table of Margarita and Alfonso De Armas in 1994, The New Guyana School is one of Guyana’s oldest and most prestigious private educational institutions. The school began with the mission of providing an excellent academic and moral education within a Christian environment with high-quality textbooks, teaching aids, and exceptional teachers to enable students and parents to fulfill their dreams in receiving the best education possible. Currently, The New Guyana School is recognized as the standard of excellence in Guyana.

The school exists to provide a strong academic program in an atmosphere that encourages students to be committed leaders of the 21st Century. The educational programme and the methods of instruction are dependent on a Biblical philosophy and objectives to provide the view-point, general background, truths and principles for interpreting the facts encountered in the study of any subject.

Our approach to education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. Our education program is a unique marriage of our local Caribbean syllabus with the Christian Abeka Book Curriculum. This distinctive approach produces a cadre of students of exceptional ability distinguished accomplishments and admirable moral character.

We encourage you to explore our Web site and learn more about the New Guyana School.