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What makes us different?

  1. The New Guyana School uses the Florida-based Abeka Book curriculum.nurseryschool_learning
    Children are placed in classrooms to meet their academic and social-emotional needs. Students grow in all areas as they complete hands-on projects and are actively engaged in the classroom. Our students are learning to work well with others, present material effectively and think! Our students must be prepared to decipher and apply truth.
  2. Bible – the foundation for all learning
    NGS presents the Bible in the narrative style in which it is written Stories of the Old and New Testaments in the lower grades lead up to the profound truths of the Gospels, Epistles, and other portions of Scripture for older students. The curriculum is designed to be specifically and systematically taught so that students in the Bible program will become thoroughly acquainted with the basic portions of Scriptures.
  3. Reading – the means by which each person may learn for himself.
    Because children become what they read, they need character-building reading materials from the very beginning. NGS employs phonics as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written, NGS readers are the finest available. Stories are carefully selected for interest, readability, theme, and values, with questions throughout to guide students in comprehension of reading material and in application of valuable principles to their lives.
  4. Mathematics – the study of logic and order to apply to science and daily life
    NGS provides attractive, legible, and workable traditional mathematics texts. These books have been field-tested, revised, and used successfully for many years, making them classics with up-to-date appeal. Besides training students in the basic skills needed for life, A Beka Book traditional mathematics books teach students to believe in absolutes, to work diligently for right answers, and to see mathematical facts as part of the truth and order built into the real universe.
  5. English — The study of language and communication in a structured, reasonable, and well-articulated manner
    Thought and language are foundational to acquiring and transmitting knowledge. Therefore, the teaching of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, composition, and literature in education is of particular importance. This is why NGS grammar books emphasize structure, rules, analysis, and the kind of practice that aims at mastery. This is why we place an importance on correct spelling and the continual enlargement of each student’s vocabulary. This is why we aspire to provide students with examples of the very best literature of the ages, and this is why we emphasize the continual improvement of writing abilities.