5 Ways to Select the Perfect Preschool for Your Child

perfect preschool

It’s happening! Your child is turning two in a few weeks, and you find yourself worrying about perfect preschool! Yikes! Not to worry, though! I’ve worked in admissions in multiple public and private preschools around Guyana, and I have 5 steps to help you choose the perfect preschool for your child.

1. Visit in person!

Visiting in person is a crucial step in selecting the perfect preschool for your child. After all, you can only learn so much from a telephone call or a website! Scheduling a visit gives a firsthand glimpse into the operations of the school. If at all possible, visit during school hours when children are present, question the staff accordingly. 

What sort of impression do you get from the facility as you enter? Is there a security presence? Is the school modern and well-kept?

Are the bathrooms clean and spotless? If they are, this is an excellent sign — remember that keeping kids’ washrooms clean is no easy task! 

Do you see any safety concerns? A colleague of mine thought she had registered her child in the perfect preschool until she realized that the kids have to cross a busy street to reach their playground. 

2. Seek out personal recommendations and feedback

Friends, family, and colleagues can prove valuable in helping decide which is the best preschool for your child. Do you know any parents with kids currently enrolled in the school? What feedback do they have for you?

3. Prioritize

How important is it for the preschool to be located close to home or work? Is bus service essential?

Are you looking for a morning or whole day program? How important are factors like size and cost? What about food options; is there a cafeteria onsite? 

Decide which of these factors are absolute deal breakers for you and narrow the field down!

4. Staff Qualifications

What are staff members’ qualifications? Are they required to have any certifications? A minimum of a high school diploma is the minimum that is required. Though schools like The New Guyana School often require that teacher’s possess at least a certificate in Early Childhood Education.

5. Consider your child’s unique needs

The truth is, that no child is alike, not even twins. This means that some preschools are better equipped to handle your child than others. Think through what kind of environment your child will be most successful in and seek out a preschool that’s a good match.
If a specific location looks great on paper but just doesn’t feel right to you, skip it. If another option doesn’t meet every single piece of criteria and yet makes you and your child feel comfortable, then it’s probably the one. Sending your kiddo to preschool is tough enough as it is; having a feeling of security and peace of mind will make the transition better for everyone.


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