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The Certificate in Basics of Occupational Safety and Health has been developed in response to the need for certified and capable OS&H Practitioners throughout the industrial, manufacturing, and corporate sectors of Guyana. This programme provides knowledge in various aspects of OS&H from the origins of safety law to its application in our workplace and homes

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the regulatory framework of occupational safety and health (OSH).
  • Describe the standards that are related to occupational safety and health.
  • Explain the integration of key processes necessary for the control of occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • Recommend strategies for the control of common workplace hazards.
  • Apply hazard assessment tools as they relate to industrial hazards.
  • Apply management tools for successful decision-making in occupational safety and health

Who is the course for?

Entry-level OS&H practitioners, persons with occupational safety and health as a primary role within their organizations, members of OS&H committees, safety and health representatives within organizations and persons wishing to change careers and work within an organization as a safety and health practitioner.

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