Remote Learning at The New Guyana School (Please check back daily for updates)

Remote learning best practices around the world suggest we cannot recreate the nuances of a School day online, but we are committed to providing a simplified school day to ensure an authentic daily routine for students and parents. Simply trying to replicate the school day via a synchronous experience can cause stress and for many of our students. As such, we aim to provide quality teaching and learning in a manageable structure for students, parents and teachers.

Student and Parent Guidelines

The move to a remote learning environment will be a shift for parents and students, regardless of your level of experience and comfort with distance, remote or online learning. Some students thrive on structure and work best with high face to face interaction, while others work well in a self-directed learning environment. The following guidelines will help to reduce anxiety regarding your children's learning, through the establishment of a routine, simplified communications and use of familiar tools and platforms.​


NGS has reviewed best practices and resources from educational partners, including Universities, the Canadian Association of Independent Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools, peer schools, and leading online providers, including the Global Online Academy. Combined with our 25 years of experience in education, we offer these technology guidelines.


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New Guyana School Students

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Our Team

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IT Manager

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Director, Strategy

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